As an intelligence stream graduate, you have the opportunity to work on topics that matter. The work you do will influence important decisions to shape the future of intelligence, which may impact the everyday lives of many of your fellow Australians.


Be the difference.

On the 4th of March 2024 applications will open for the 2025 Australian Government Graduate Program - Intelligence Stream, for graduates starting in 2026.

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The Australian Government Graduate Program (AGGP) Intelligence Stream(Opens in a new tab/window) offers some of the most important, dynamic and stimulating work in Australia. Working with the NIC, you will have the opportunity to serve the nation, progress your career and work with committed colleagues in a globally engaged community.

You will be offered full time, ongoing employment. Our agencies provide staff with a comprehensive suite of induction and internal training programs. These focus on core intelligence and leadership skills, including how we can all contribute to organisational diversity and inclusiveness.

Your starting salary, and salary on completion will be aligned with your agency conditions and enterprise agreement. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in targeted, rotation specific training and development that will provide you with the skills and knowledge required to undertake rewarding, exciting, challenging and meaningful work.

Your options are not limited by your degree. The National Intelligence Community needs a diverse workforce that is professional, agile and capable in order to make a difference. Your degree has equipped you with a wealth of transferable skills that can be utilised across a range of roles in the Community.

Roles will be offered in Canberra with the possibility of positions being offered in other major capital cities. NIC agencies may provide financial assistance where required.

NIC 14

Selection process

We have a two-stage recruitment process. The first stage is job-specific where your skills, experience and abilities are measured against the job requirement, including Application, Virtual Assessment Activities and Interview.

The second stage is security vetting, where we assess your eligibility and suitability for a security clearance.

You will not receive an offer of employment until you have completed both stages. The complete selection process – from advertising to employment – usually takes between 12 and 18 months. More information about the security vetting process is available here(Opens in a new tab/window).Further information will be provided as you progress through this process. But please note, we do not provide specific feedback about any aspect of our security processes.


You must be an Australian citizen.

Note: if you do not have a birth certificate issued by an Australian State or Territory Government, you must submit a copy of your Australian Citizenship Certificate with your job application

You must have a checkable background.

Note: we must be able to practically verify, from independent and reliable sources, [cumulative] periods of 12 months or more spent outside Australia

You must be willing to undergo a comprehensive security clearance suitability assessment and obtain a Positive Vetting (PV) security clearance.

Note: ‘willing to undergo’ means fully cooperating in the assessment process, including the timely provision of information and documentary evidence.

You must be in your last two years of study, or have recently graduated. 
Note: eligibility for the Intelligence stream has been broadened to allow for applications from candidates in their last two years of study, as well as candidates who have recently graduated.  

Security clearance

A NIC agency issued security clearance is a qualifying condition for an offer of employment. To be considered suitable for a security clearance, we must establish that you possess and demonstrate the highest level of trustworthiness and commitment to Australia, its values and its democratic system of government. Our security clearance process covers all aspects of your life – it is comprehensive and can seem intrusive. The national interest is the primary consideration in determining the outcome of a security clearance assessment.

Note: the security clearance process does not end at recruitment. If you attain a security clearance, you are required to maintain your clearance for the term of your employment. You will be subject a wide range of responsibilities and obligations, some of which will impinge on your personal life. The NIC will continuously review your ongoing clearance suitability.

Intelligence Stream - Frequently Asked Questions

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