As members of the NIC, our staff serve the nation and pursue their missions with dedication, courage and integrity. NIC agencies support each other, act with humility and reach out to build connections.

We have positions to suit a wide range of skills, experiences and backgrounds. We have some highly specialised roles but most of our staff apply their expertise in one of the following ways:

  • Analysts: Our analysts turn information into insight by rigorously synthesising and distilling what our customers need to know – this can range from interrogating publicly available information, financial data or imagery to writing on long-term challenges facing Australia to briefing decision-makers on breaking events. To turn raw data into actionable intelligence, our analysts evaluate information from multiple sources, monitor trends and interpret events related to specific countries or issues. 
  • Technologists: Professionals in science, technology, engineering and mathematics are critical to every part of our work, including requirement setting, engineering and design, development, testing and operations. Our IT planners, architects and practitioners work together to protect our cyber security and ensure the National intelligence Community maintains leading technological and data capabilities. Every agency collects, analyses and shares data from a wide range of sources, which we then need to retrieve, combine and analyse to understand current events and forecast future developments accurately.
  • Intelligence collectors: Our intelligence, imagery and surveillance officers, along with other specialised collectors, gather the vital information needed to produce intelligence. They use exceptional interpersonal skills, high-level training and professional talents to collect intelligence anywhere in the world. This can include meeting with members of different communities to mitigate security threats and building ongoing confidential relationships with people. These professionals have to excel in problem-solving and be able to work in ambiguous and unstructured situations, often drawing on foreign language skills or other specialised knowledge.
  • Intelligence and mission enablers: Our work is only possible with the professional support provided by our coordinators, intelligence production and delivery teams, creative designers, trainers, psychologists, finance and human resources professionals, lawyers, vetting analysts and broader corporate teams. Just like commercial businesses, we need to recruit, support and develop employees, manage budgets, negotiate contracts, forecast spending and communicate with a wide range of stakeholders. 
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I never thought two months after my analyst training, I’d be tracking a target through South-East Asia who had eluded authorities for months and I was determined to help find a way to locate it. 

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I have been in the intelligence community for almost 20 years across several agencies as both military and civilian. I have worked as an analyst, in project planning, policy, governance and now as a manager.

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I am a lawyer by trade and have worked in the legal sector for the past eight years. I started my career working in a large corporate law firm. Working in the NIC has broadened my horizons and exposed me to a range of fascinating legal issues. 

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