Our work depends on maintaining the trust others place in us, including the Australian Government, our partners and the Australian public. We take our responsibilities seriously, including how we protect the privacy of Australians.

All activities conducted by National Intelligence Community agencies, individually or collectively, are undertaken in accordance with agencies' legislated powers. All agencies are accountable to their portfolio ministers and activities are subject to oversight by multiple bodies, including the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security and the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security.

Thanks to a process of reform stretching over the last fifty years, intelligence agencies are now more open, accountable and collegiate in their work. Following a landmark series of reviews and reforms, all Australian intelligence agencies have been publicly acknowledged by the government, opened to extensive independent oversight and provided with additional capabilities and resources to enable them to respond to the dramatic changes we have seen in our security and strategic environment in recent decades.

Any enquiries, complaints or public interest disclosures about the actions of a National Intelligence Community should be directed to the agency itself or to the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security.

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External reviews and inquiries on espionage and intelligence

Over the last fifty years, the demands on Australia’s intelligence community have evolved markedly, as have government and community expectations of the community's work. This has led to several reviews of the community as a whole. These have included two Hope Royal Commissions (1974-77 and 1984), the 2004 Flood Inquiry, the 2011 Independent Review of the Intelligence Community and the 2017 Independent Intelligence Review.

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