Diversity and inclusion are critical to our missions. All National Intelligence Community agencies are strongly committed to boosting the diversity of their workforces.

Our difference is our strength

To best deliver for Australia and our individual agencies, we want to attract and employ staff with diverse backgrounds and experience, that reflects the rich diversity of Australia today.

Diversity and difference in our workplaces foster innovation, and collaboration and create better places to work – for everyone. Our missions require us to reflect and draw upon the rich diversity of talent in Australia today and to provide a place where people can do their best work in service of the nation. 

We empower our people to be adaptable to change, at the cutting edge of technology, able to work across disciplines and open to new ways of solving problems.

We are a community where people from all backgrounds can prosper and grow. The NIC is committed to creating an environment of respect, inclusiveness and empowerment for staff, to be themselves and bring their whole self to work and develop to their full potential in a unique community.

You can read more about how NIC agencies are supporting greater diversity and inclusion on their websites.

Be the difference. Make the difference.