The National Intelligence Community (NIC) agencies are united to deliver intelligence outcomes to protect and enhance Australia’s security, prosperity and sovereignty to support the nation. Through our common efforts and initiatives, we defend and strengthen our edge over adversaries.

Alongside their own agency and portfolio identities, all NIC agency staff are national intelligence professionals who contribute to achieving the NIC's shared purpose, through dedication, courage and integrity.

NIC agencies collaborate, support one another, and act with humility, and our people collaborate, support each other, act with humility and reach out to build connections. And, in our work, we are agile, curious and ambitious.

Together, we form a community greater than the sum of its parts that works as a team to pursue common missions. We look for ways to assist each other and use our relative strengths to maximise the protection and benefit we deliver for Australia and all Australians.

Be the difference. Make the difference.