Deputy Director-General – Intelligence, Nina Davidson, has participated in a recent podcast focusing on female empowerment in the workplace.

In the latest episode of the Work with Purpose podcast, Nina joined Tania Rishniw, Deputy Secretary at the Department of Health and Aged Care, in conversation with host Caroline Walsh, Chief Executive Officer at the Institute of Public Administration Australia.

They talked about the significance of mentorship and how it can play a pivotal role in opening doors to leadership positions.

Ms Davidson highlighted the value of open and honest mentoring relationships in providing career guidance and support.

"Mentoring is about empowering the person being mentored, helping them to think about what they want to achieve and to be ambitious, giving them confidence to take action - whether it be handling particular issues or pursuing career interests," said Ms Davidson.

The podcast panel paid tribute to the late Dr Margot McCarthy, the first female National Security Advisor, and a leader in social policy, who championed coaching and mentoring for women's career advancement in the Australian Public Service.

“I had the great privilege of working with her (Dr Margot McCarthy) when she was at Prime Minister and Cabinet, and I can recall side conversations where she was providing advice and guidance to me, which was incredibly valuable,” said Ms Davidson.

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